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effective from 17/5/21

JCB Tourism Solutions is committed to the implementation and adherence of safe working practices in order to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 in the workplace. We are signatories to the Visit England "We're Good to Go" scheme which is an industry quality mark to demonstrate we have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and will operate safely to Government and industry guidelines.


The risk assessment will be updated on an ongoing basis to reflect changes from:

  • The Local COVID alert level

  • General Government guidance on COVID-19

  • Sector specific Government guidance on COVID-19

  • Industry specific guidance from Visit Britain and UK Hospitality


The business is home-based and as such no engagement with others takes place on the “business premises”. The following assessment is based on business activity normally undertaken.


Remote working

Where possible, remote working at home will be the normal working practice using technology platforms e.g. Microsoft Teams.


Business travel

Business travel will be carried out under the following conditions:

  • Where possible, travel will be in a private car and with no passengers to and from the destination; Hand sanitisation will take place on arrival at the destination.

  • Public transport will only be used when essential and a face covering will be worn on the mode of transport and at any places e.g. train stations where face coverings are required. Hand sanitisation will take place immediately after debarking the transport and the face mask will be worn until reaching a safe outside area.

  • Equipment e.g. laptop, tablet, phone and conference folder will be kept in baggage to reduce contact with potentially infected surfaces during travel.


Business meetings

Any meetings at external venues will be undertaken only where remote working is not suitable under the following conditions:

  • Prior to the meeting, any advice on venue specific measures will be requested by email in order to risk assess the meeting.

  • Meetings will take place in accordance with current Government and industry guidance in terms of meeting capacity and social distancing measures.

  • Hand sanitisation will take place prior to entering the building and a face mask will be worn before entry and on departure.

  • If hand sanitisation is available on entering the building it will be used and further hand sanitisation will be used on entering the meeting room.

  • A face covering will be worn in common areas e.g. reception areas and lounges until it is safe to remove on entering the meeting room.


Working outdoors

Any outdoor working either with partners or the general public will be risk assessed prior to undertaking activities. The risk assessment will consider the following:

  • Government guidance and industry guidance specific to working outdoors.

  • Adherence to bespoke procedures in buildings and outside areas.

  • A personal risk assessment of the pool of volunteers.

  • A risk assessment of the work location.

VERSION 1.7 17thMay 2021

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